Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ballard Designs Knock Off Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl

Browsing Ballard Designs' website is one of my favorite ways to waste time on the internet. Of course its way too rich for my blood so I've never bought anything from there hah. I was so inspired today by their gorgeous mercury glass pedestal bowl.

Both the large and medium ones are listed at $59.99 a piece (yikes!) I knew I had a taper candle holder and large glass bowl both from the dollar store that could mimic the shape, and I knew I could work my faux mercury glass magic to make a look-alike!

Close up of the details- isn't it pretty?

I got out my Krylon looking glass paint, put some vinegar in the spray bottle, and taped off the outside of the bowl

I sprayed the paint and then misted it with vinegar, repeated a few times and then blotted it with a rag to chip off more. For a full guide visit my mercury glass tutorial

To complete the look glue the top to the bottom! Truth be told I'm all out of E6000, so in all these pictures they are not attached. Looks like a Walmart trip is in order. But its super simple to do so, just rough up the edge that are going to be glued with some sand paper, apply the glue and attach.

I love the red and silver peaking through here!

Are they the same? No not exactly, but its totally worth the $58 savings!

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Christmas House Tour 2013

So I think I'm basically done decorating for the holidays... maybe...
My house is nothing compared to the beautiful magazine ready houses I see all over blogland but it still makes me happy :)

Please note that I have an awful camera, terrible photography skillz, and half these photos were taken at night haha

Fiona is obsessed with the Christmas village :)

 Not positive that I love this. Fiona swats it like a cat until the balls pull off, so clearly she loves it.

Our table centerpiece I threw together with fresh holly on an old silver tray with a candle
 I seriously didn't even realize that I have 6 holly berry bushes until I was basically done decorating. Next year I will probably go crazy with the holly

Even our bathroom got a little Christmas color in it!

Mistletoe above the sink- so I can be kissed approximately 36 times a day when I wash dishes

I forgot to buy extra fake berries and pinecones for this wreath to match the others- so I shoved some fresh holly in it :)

No fireplace in this house (boo!) so the stockings went on the staircase

 Truthfully the stockings are never up because this crazy monkey thinks its great to climb on the stairs and kick them off. every. day.

Here is Richard standing on the very top of a ladder that is leaning against the house due to uneven ground, wearing shoes with no tread, reaching as high as he can. Safety first.

My first ever Christmas bow! I was so proud with how it turned out even though its probably the simplest bow there is to make.

And that's it!
 I think. 
 Hopefully next years will be even more exciting!

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Two Dollar Vintage Book Page Wreath

Now that Christmas season is here, (18 days!) I've been decorating like crazy :) Happy crazy that is.
I've seen many variations of the book page wreath on Pinterest, but after my Mom sent me a link to a Robeson Designs tutorial, I decided to give it a shot as I already had everything on hand and figured I had nothing to loose- and it was super easy and totally worth it!
My version of the tutorial is below, but definitely check Rebecca Robeson's- she did an awesome job

Okay so start out with a nice vintage book. One you won't feel so awful destroying (that is the difficult part). I got this book for free, but many old books can be found at Salvation Army, Goodwill, yard sales, or library sales for a dollar or less.

My book was from 1959, it had a nice vintagey feel to the pages, the edges were starting to yellow and the binding was barely intact.

First rip off the cover, the binding, and start (neatly) tearing away pages I could do this about 20 at a time by hand

In her tutorial Rebecca trims all of her pages with scissors because she has rough edges, I'm assuming this was because she used an older book. My edges weren't completely smooth but it wasn't worth trimming, I was going for an imperfect look anyway. If you choose an older book with tighter binding you might need to cut away some.

Start rolling out your cones! I was going to give detailed instructions on how to do this but it didn't seem worth it. Rebecca does a good job describing it so you can follow  her instructions or just try to roll your own cone. I just winged it and it came out fine. I stapled the bottom and placed a dot of hot glue at the top to hold the flap in place.

Repeat a million times

When you think you've made enough you probably haven't. Hah. I stopped here and later found out I needed to make more. I probably made about 200 cones.

So for the back support of my wreath I used left over cardboard. I traced two plates to make my circles, 10 inches and 6 inches. You could go larger or smaller to a make different size wreath.

I marked my circles at 12,3,6,and 9. You should also measure and mark your center! I did not and my wreath was off center because of it! Mark your center

Trim your cardboard down and starting with the outer circle hot glue a cone on each of your marks. I placed my staple on the line.

Now fill in between each cone

Once you've made it all the way around its time to make another layer on top, gluing this layer slightly closer to the center

Use your circles as a guide to keep center. Repeat until full

Isn't it glorious already?

For the center I used a 16 pack of silver and gold jingle bells from the dollar store that I had on hand. I put a bunch of hot glue on the bottom and stuck them in there and then just stacked more on top until I thought it looked full enough
Little ornaments or beads would look good here too, you can really put whatever you like in the center

To hang it I used a simple binder clip and clipped it to my cardboard

I used a cheap suction cup that I had in my junk drawer to stick it to my mirror
That's it!

Cost Breakdown- 
Book - free ($1 or less to buy old book)
Cardboard backing- free (use left over cardboard from old box)
Bling for center - $1 (this can obviously vary)
Hot Glue sticks- 20 cents? I used 4 sticks I think, I had them on hand  so it was free to me
Staples- 30 cents? Again, I had them on hand

I'm calling this an even two dollars for posterity.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, happy crafting!