Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garbage painting

So this post is totally me being way too excited about a painting my husband scored for free
That's right - free!

For those of you who don't know, my husband drives a garbage truck. Which means he has access to lots of "treasures" aka hoarding crap to put in his future man cave (usually)

But here's what he got for me this week! A Monet reproduction with a beautiful ornate frame! Um seriously, who would throw this out? 

The light in the corner is from the flash, the painting has no defects!
It had a small yard sale sticker on the side of it that said $5, I would have gladly paid five dollars, but I didn't have to :)

Check out the details on the frame!

Just for some juxtaposition, my husband also got me this out of the trash on the same day. Proving he has no idea what I like haha

Not my style, although it matches the wall color

At least he tries, can't complain about that :)  Love you Richard

 Fiona wearing Daddy's hat, too cute

If you're wondering where the framed picture that my sister drew is, don't worry it just migrated into the dining room. Everything's been rotating lately as we're packing up to move! More details to come after we close, don't want to jinx it!

How to clean wax from candle holders

So many times I've used a candle holder with a bright colored candle and 'ruined' it with leftover wax. Afterwards I would get all sad and think "well guess I can only use [insert color here] candles from now on." I did this to like 7 different candle holders last Christmas when I used red candles. That was until I discovered a great way to clean them!

In the past I've used a butter knife to scrape out stubborn wax after burning a candle, but the holders were never completely clean, until now!

This is SO easy, and it only takes a minute!

Here's my dirty candle holder. complete with burnt on wick and lime green wax residue.

To get rid of the gunk, boil some water, I used my teapot.

Once it started whistling I poured the water in the holder and filled it up to the top

Let it sit for 30 seconds and bring all the wax and residue to the surface

You can't tell but there was green wax floating on the surface

Dump out your water! (Note: I wouldn't recommend pouring it down the sink, as the wax residue will harden and can cause clogs over time)

Wipe out any remaining wax with a paper towel, it will slide right off :)
You may have to add more water and do it again if you have a lot of left over wax


Check out the before and after!

Hooray! Ready for a new candle!

p.s. here's a cute picture of Fi playing with Athena just because

Happy cleaning :)

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