Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrift Store Frame Transformation

Today was SO amazingly nice out, (for Central New York in March that is) and Fiona took an awesome 45 minute nap this afternoon allowing me to work super quickly and revamp this frame! I picked up this frame a few weeks ago and it has just been sitting in a box waiting to be of use. I got the frame from.. you guessed it, Salvation Army. This time I paid a whopping $4.99. I really like the details on this bad boy

A couple of spots had some chipping, but I figured by the time I was done with it you wouldn't notice

I totally could have left it gold and it would have looked fine, but where's the fun in that! First I ripped off the backing to discover there were a million staples in it.

 Someone was seriously worried about keeping that pear in the frame.

There were so many staples, even after bending them all back, they just kept getting in the way of removing the glass. After many failed attempts at removing the glass without breaking it, I decided to just cover the glass in like 60 layers of newspaper.

Here it is primed, spray painted, and dried for a few hours. At this point I started having a serious dilemma of as to whether or not I should glaze the frame.

So I glazed half of it with brownish black glaze. (Valspar clear mixing glaze mixed with equal parts brown acrylic paint and black acrylic paint). I decided that I liked highlighting the details, plus I thought it would match the picture inside... but I'll get to that in a minute 

Close up of the details with the glaze, it really makes them pop.

I was doing this while these two slept on the couch (at 6:30pm I might add)
This picture is just too cute :)

Here's what I put inside! It's a sketch my sister made of Fiona, so adorable I just love it. Sorry I couldn't get the image to be clear without a glare. It was dark out when I took these pictures.. and my camera is not the greatest.

Here it is in the room. These walls look rather bare (and awkward) now that I am seeing them online!
I seriously have to do something about that very fake gold frame on the left. It does not match this room at all, perhaps I'll spray it a glossy black... some other day. 

What do you think? Have you revamped any thrifty finds lately?

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