Sunday, November 24, 2013

We bought a house!

I'm back! Holy crap it has been over a year since I've posted. So much has happened in a year, like Fiona is now TWO. How is that even possible? She's growing so fast it is insane. She does something amazing everyday. In addition to Fiona being a little grown up, we bought our first home! It's a two bedroom (possible 3- well discuss that some other time!), one bath (possible 2- again, another time hah), with a small office, a dining/kitchen combo, and a decent sized living room on a half acre with a great view of 40 acres. It even has a gazebo! We closed on our home on July 22, so we've been living here for four (!!) months. There are still two rooms of unpacked boxes.. ugh we'll just pretend that isn't true. 

Moving Day! You can see the orange of the U-Haul in the door reflection :)

 We've been slowing working on the house, nothing really major yet- but I hope to get some posts up soon of what we've been doing. For now I will post some photos of our new home. There aren't that many- almost all the photos I take I take on my iPhone, which apparently is no good or I just suck at taking phone photos. So I'll share the ones from the MLS listing (which are much less blurry) making them the true before shots! 
At some point during this week I'll clean the whole house very frantically while Fiona naps and run around and take pictures.

The front of the house!
Well really the front door  
Gazebo/back view of the house

 Side View from Driveway

 View from driveway (closer to road)

 View from side yard to street view

The Kitchen


Living Room

Living Room/Stair case

Living Room again


Fiona's room

Close up of original wide plank flooring in Fiona's room

Banister upstairs
View looking down the road

Front of house

Yard view from driveway

Okay so we totally have a nicer looking backyard than these pictures convey. In addition there are two pictured rooms not pictured. Hopefully I'll be able to share them in the upcoming weeks :)

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