Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ballard Designs Knock Off Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl

Browsing Ballard Designs' website is one of my favorite ways to waste time on the internet. Of course its way too rich for my blood so I've never bought anything from there hah. I was so inspired today by their gorgeous mercury glass pedestal bowl.

Both the large and medium ones are listed at $59.99 a piece (yikes!) I knew I had a taper candle holder and large glass bowl both from the dollar store that could mimic the shape, and I knew I could work my faux mercury glass magic to make a look-alike!

Close up of the details- isn't it pretty?

I got out my Krylon looking glass paint, put some vinegar in the spray bottle, and taped off the outside of the bowl

I sprayed the paint and then misted it with vinegar, repeated a few times and then blotted it with a rag to chip off more. For a full guide visit my mercury glass tutorial

To complete the look glue the top to the bottom! Truth be told I'm all out of E6000, so in all these pictures they are not attached. Looks like a Walmart trip is in order. But its super simple to do so, just rough up the edge that are going to be glued with some sand paper, apply the glue and attach.

I love the red and silver peaking through here!

Are they the same? No not exactly, but its totally worth the $58 savings!

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  1. WOW! You're like ... the mercury glass QUEEN!

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