Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas House Tour 2013

So I think I'm basically done decorating for the holidays... maybe...
My house is nothing compared to the beautiful magazine ready houses I see all over blogland but it still makes me happy :)

Please note that I have an awful camera, terrible photography skillz, and half these photos were taken at night haha

Fiona is obsessed with the Christmas village :)

 Not positive that I love this. Fiona swats it like a cat until the balls pull off, so clearly she loves it.

Our table centerpiece I threw together with fresh holly on an old silver tray with a candle
 I seriously didn't even realize that I have 6 holly berry bushes until I was basically done decorating. Next year I will probably go crazy with the holly

Even our bathroom got a little Christmas color in it!

Mistletoe above the sink- so I can be kissed approximately 36 times a day when I wash dishes

I forgot to buy extra fake berries and pinecones for this wreath to match the others- so I shoved some fresh holly in it :)

No fireplace in this house (boo!) so the stockings went on the staircase

 Truthfully the stockings are never up because this crazy monkey thinks its great to climb on the stairs and kick them off. every. day.

Here is Richard standing on the very top of a ladder that is leaning against the house due to uneven ground, wearing shoes with no tread, reaching as high as he can. Safety first.

My first ever Christmas bow! I was so proud with how it turned out even though its probably the simplest bow there is to make.

And that's it!
 I think. 
 Hopefully next years will be even more exciting!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Kristin, I adore a simply decorated home, the treasures stand out more that way! I think that using your desk to display your village is an awesome idea~ just the perfect height to be admired and loved by little fingers! Hey thanks for sharing it with us ~ Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  2. I love all of your wreaths and all the other special touches sprinkled throughout your home!

  3. Hey Kristin, your house is beautifully decorated for the holidays! Thanks for linking up with us. -Audra @ keepinupwiththejahns.blogspot.com